Management Consultancy

The following is an overview of the Management Consultancy services provided by PM Consulting.

Business Systems, Procedures and Process Re-engineering
- Business systems analysis and process re-engineering activities
- Analysis of internal organisational reporting and accountability systems and structures
- Development of procedural and contractual documentation, e.g. policy documents, operational manuals, procurement, supply contracts, tender documents, terms and conditions of sale and 30-day trading accounts

Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis
- Analysis of product(s) mix, product(s) lines and product extension opportunities
- Analysis of manufacturing decisions, e.g. make-to-stock, make-to-order or just-in-time manufacturing
- Analysis of logistical methods, e.g. stock holdings, warehousing and distribution
- Quality management and quality assurance analysis

Grants, Concessions and Rebates
- Assist in the preparation and application of local and federal Government grants, e.g. Commercialisation Australia Grant, Export Marketing and Development Grant and the Research and Development Tax Concession
- Ongoing management and reporting requirements of grants

Sales, Marketing and Business Development
- Analysis of existing marketing collateral and or the development of new marketing collateral including, e.g. corporate and product logo’s, website, brochures and corporate stationery
- Development and implementation of marketing strategy platforms
- Analysis of current business development, sales and marketing campaigns and or the development of new campaigns

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